CT Scan

A CT (Computerized Tomography) scan uses X-rays to produce images of the body. The images are produced from a block of data which the scanner acquires in one breath. These are turned into cross sectional images, like slices in a loaf of bread. By simultaneously acquiring several slices of the body, the scan time can be reduced significantly and very small details can be scanned within practicable scan times.

We are equipped with Multislice CT which enables a wide range of clinical applications from 3D angiography to perfusion imaging to CT fluoroscopy. This new technology enables increased scan speed, enhanced image quality, specialized clinical applications, all with the lowest radiation dose. In addition to the routine applications in head & neck, thorax and abdomen, this Siemens Somatom Scope CT machine can perform the following specialized procedures:

  • Cerebro-vascular angiography and stroke work up
  • Vascular body CT angiography
  • CT Colonoscopy
  • Musculoskeletal and polytrauma
  • Oncological applications